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I have a range of workshops available. If you would like me to teach at your retreat or venue contact me for more information or Sign up to receive my newsletter


Modern Relics - Jewelry workshop

jewelry workshop jewellry workshops  jewelry workshop



Ancient techniques, Contemporary style


Create your own wearable art from start to finish in this fast paced class designed for people who want to create unique contemporary jewellery without the large outlay for expensive jewellery tools.

 The start of the week sees you creating unique charms, talismans and components with a range of simple casting techniques for silver, copper, pewter and bronze.

Team these components with shaped, etched, textured and coloured metal to form rings, bracelets and necklaces.  Learn a range of stable cold connections to ensure your jewellery lasts and incorporate found and treasured objects into your work. 

Techniques covered during the week include a variety of jewellery casting techniques, cold connections, wirework and forging metals, chains and clasps, torch fired enamelling and etching. 

Give your jewellery that professional look with a range of finishes from a soft aged patina, a smooth satin or a highly polished shine. 

This class is suitable for beginners and more advanced students who are looking to extend their skills.

18th to the 24th of September 2011. For more information go to Fibre Arts Australia

Reliquaries & Shrines

A hand carved receptacle for holding your sacred objects and relics.

 assemblage artwork       assemblage workshops

Hand carved reliquaries and shrines hold all that is precious.   Doors and rusty nails protect the collection of stories, journeys, hopes and dreams secreted inside.

Contained within these assemblages are found objects, handmade books and constructed treasures.

During this week you will learn how to carve your own reliquary from timber to hold your most precious memories, stories, hopes and dreams.  A special door adds to the meaning of your reliquary and holds safe your precious objects. 

Your shrine can be coloured in a variety of ways and can be protected with rusty nails or decorated with carving, wording or wood burning methods. 

Once your reliquary is carved you will learn a range of techniques to form sacred objects for your shrine including aging polymer clay to represent old pottery and bone, cobbling fibre, and working with found objects to create your own personal relics.   A special metal and mica book adds interest and narrative to your piece. 

We will be using a variety of power tools during the week, including a jigsaw, router, dremel and drills


Christine Atkins Jen Crossley

A two day masterclass with Jen Crossley and Christine Atkins

During this two day masterclass you will learn how to etch metal to make a range of jewellery pieces including rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and brooches from a variety of metals.Team these with found objects and cold connections to create one of kind art jewellery that will last.

Learn to finish your jewellery with a soft brushed satin or a highly polished gloss using your dremel.

Class size is limited to ensure individual attention

Suitable for Beginners and Experienced Students


Capture my Heart

jewellry workshop  jewelry workshop

A one day workshop to create a safe place for your most precious objects

To hold and wear close to your heart

Once learning this technique you can adapt this necklace into a variety of styles

No experience and limited tools required


Pewter Casting workshop

Over two days you will learn how to create your own unique pewter charms, pendants and miniature sculptures using two simple pewter casting methods.

 You will learn how to cast repeatable flat back charms and 3d charms, as well as creating one off carved charms.  You can make all of these charms at home with very little cost and equipment. 


Quirky Heart Sculpture

machine embroidery heart sculptures

In this one day workshop you will create your own quirky heart sculpture.  Starting with hand rolled felt you will craft your sculpture using a range of patterns, colors and textile techniques.  By layering and stuffing your finished elements you will have a three dimensional heart sculpture.  This process can be easily adapted to create a variety of shapes.    Think of fun themes such as heart of gold and the key to my heart.


Textile Jewelry

textile jewelry

Using machine thread, semi precious gems and pearls, you will make a unique textile pendant.  During with one day workshop you will learn how to take your pendant skills and extend them to make necklaces, bracelets and ear-rings using unique layering and sewing processes. 

The Emerging Self- Transformational Doll Making

 During the workshop you will create a fabric transformational doll which represents parts of your self which are waiting for you to acknowledge.  Once your emerging self has been created you will use a variety of exercises and a workbook to explore the message your doll is bringing to you. 

At the end of the day you will leave with a hand crafted transformational doll, the knowledge of what this emerging self means to you and how to incorporate what you have learnt into your life. 

This will be a day of excitement, creativity, reflection, self exploration and discovery.


My book house

Book workshop 

During this one day workshop you will create your own one of a kind book art house.  Learn different techniques to make imitation ivory and terracotta, and weave your own birds nest.

Each book is filled with your own stories, hopes and dreams. 

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